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Soft Serve

Waffle or Pretzel Cone (One Size)Gluten Free Cone (One Size)Brownie with Ice Cream

Rainbow or Chocolate Sprinkle Toppings + 50 cents

ButterscotchGummy BearsM&M'sPineapple Reese's Pcs.
CaramelChoc. DipOreosSnickers
Choc. SyrupHeath BarPeanutsStrawberry
Dad's CookiesHot FudgePB DipWet Nuts

Sundaes – 1 topping, nuts, whipped cream and cherry

Brownie Sundae or Banana Split - (3 swirls of ice cream, up to 3 toppings, whipped cream, cherry)

Shakes & Floats

MilkshakesSnowshakes ((Ice Cream and Snowball Mixed like a Milkshake)MaltshakesRoot Beer or Coke Float
$3.75$3.75 $3.75$3.75

Ice Cream Cookies with Vanilla Ice Cream

M&M - Choc. Chip - Dad's Cookies SandwitchChoc. Wafer



Chocolate/Diet/Marshmallow + 50 cents

BananaDiet CherryLemon LimeRaspberry
BlackberryDiet Egg CustardMangoRoot Beer
Blood OrangeDiet Root BeerOrangeSkylite
BlueberryDiet SpearmintPeachSour Apple
Bubble GumEgg CustardPina ColadaSpearmint
CoconutHawaiian PunchPink Cotton CandyTutti Frutti
Cold DuckIce CreamPink LemonadeVanilla

Opie’s Snowcream (Add chocolate / diet + 50 cents)

Snowball with soft serve Ice Cream in the middle and on top


Opie’s Protein Shake

Add banana, strawberry or blueberry + .50

Organic, GF, NonGMO, Soy Free, Dairy Free, Vegan  –  15 GRAMS OF PROTEIN

VanillaPeanut ButterChocolate


Youth and Adult TInfant and Toddler TDad's Cookies BagsIce Cream Pies
$12.00$10.00$4.75Various Flavors $12
Bottled Water $1.50

Many Sizes Available

Assorted Colors
Short Sleeve – $12
Infant Onesies – 12m/18m/24m – $10

Opie’s Watercolor and Notecard

available for purchase at www.kellygary.com